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Yara is a young elf, at least young for elven standards, that is. She gew up in a small community that has learned to take care of themselves. This included growing their own potatoas, vegetables and herbs.

But not only that, also hunting and fishing are part of their routines. Yara has always enjoyed the growing of living things better, the creation of life. 


Yara is very easily distracted. She wanders, and she dreams. She loves talking walks though the forest and the fields, but when she spots something that peaks her interest, she is gone. 

In this she gets lost, with no regard of time and place. And thus it happens often that she finds her way back to the village late in the evening when dinner has already been served. 

In these occation she is happy when there are leftovers, or she can snack on the food she has gathered on her trips. 

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