Formal Victoria Reference(old)

Posted Jul 21, 2020, 6:17:29 AM UTC

So, I'm going to be honest and say I'm not happy with this one. The only reason I did it was because all my references are MMD and I have chickened out of free art because of it.


Aaah anyway, she needed a reference and I need to post something here.

For the record, I just stopped caring when it comes to OCs. It stopped being fun to create them and more like a chore. especially with the story. So my OCs probably don't make any sense to anyone but me and that's ok. 


Victoria is a vampire, she's the second eldest living vampire in my OCverse.

She's considered the Queen of the Vampires in mythology and popular media(Movies, books, video games) but she has seriously no clue that she's the Queen. Someone can bow to her and she'd be like "Watcha doin' that for?." 

She's a goofy mom of three who can't figure out how to work technology, thinks matching family outfits are cool, is overly affectionate, banned from the kitchen and is extremely implusive. Impulse buys things A LOT! Her family is lucky she can't work a computer cause she'd impulse buy things from Amazon, forget about and then be really confused when it arrives.  

Being impulsive is how she got three kids. 


Drawn in MS Paint. Not my best, I did a better full body recently with Pup. 

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