trial of endurance: hunting

Posted Aug 23, 2020, 7:04:10 PM

 Your Aqrion has become fairly good at swimming.  Now it's time to head out of the nest.  Now they are eager to play and race each other.  Several young aqrion will get together with a guide dragon, similar to a school session.  Often hunting inanimate objects, each other or smaller easy to catch prey.

"- Draw your young Aqrion learning how to hunt small objects, small prey or even other young aqrion. -" with pleasure. 

With the help of her abyssal mom of course! I`d imagine that despite being born with the angler mutation she wouldn`t really know how to use as sea skimmers would use their speed to hunt. So with the help of Dorris she learns both how to use her lure and to be a little more patient. 

(I also kind of struggled with Dorris's expresion as the extra mouth piece doesn't make her look like she's smiling proudly. I`m also worried that the background may be too simple, originally I wanted it to be pitch black with little glowy things floating around but I reallized that would be too simple so I changed it to a cave. However that might have backfired...)

SP for Rift
middle ground: +4
Trials: +6
clean lines: +4
Shading: +2

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  • Aug 28, 2020
    The little one is adorable here, the way their colors swirl and marble is nice to look at. The way Dorris looms above is neat, though I'm not sure the smile came through. Maybe in the future you could try to achieve it by having both ends of the extra jaw things tugging up? I'm not too sure how that would work out as far as anatomy goes, but it might get the motion across well, which usually is more important in expressive art.




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