Posted Aug 28, 2020, 8:09:18 PM UTC

“I offered to let you take Kor,” Kadri calls after them, grin clear in her voice, Kala’s paws pounding on the dirt as she ignores any and all of Maakor’s efforts to slow, or, at the very least, steer her.

He doesn’t answer her, too busy trying to hold on to come up with a clever quip to throw back at her. At least Kala isn’t trying to lose him. Just explore at her pace. Which is and would be fine, if not for him having only occasionally ridden a tokota before and having no real experience trying to stay on while at anything more than a trot. And here Kala is, running and stopping and skidding and turning and jumping, Kadri’s laugher ringing out behind them.

Kala must have circled around, because he just barely manages to glimpse Kadri and Kor as they run past them again, Kadri laughing, still, doubled over in her saddle, Kor’s tongue rolling out as he watches and laughs, as subtly as he can, which really isn’t very subtle.

Maakor yelps as Kala leaps over a log, and he has to hold onto his hat to keep it from flying off, forgetting for a second that he has to hold onto </i>her<i> to keep himself from flying off.

Kor trots up next to him, licking his cheek as he groans, facedown in the grass, to embarrassed to try to get up, until Kadri whistles sharply and Kala returns, perfectly content to sit down in front of them while she helps him up.

“You could have done that the whole time?”



At least the art itself has a date on it (usually) so it doesn't matter really how out of order I upload stuff flkjdfskljsdfkl

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  • Aug 28, 2020, 11:27:44 PM UTC
    Your style for the background is cute, the overlapping squarish shapes create an interesting effect. The takota are adorable, I enjoy how you drew their faces- though I'd worry about them running around while they can't open their mouths like in those bridles. Do they have different respiratory tracks than canines as we know them?
    • Aug 29, 2020, 2:22:41 AM UTC
      Thank you!! I've been absolutely loving this square brush for shading and backgrounds Smile That is a really good point about the bridles, though :0 I mostly referenced horse bridles, but I hadn't considered that, I should redesign 'em a bit next time I draw them ^^;
      • Aug 30, 2020, 5:00:52 AM UTC
        Maybe it could have a bit to help it stay secure, and the second securing strap could be in front of the ears instead of at the mouth? I don't know a terrible amount about bridles either, but I think those would allow for greater breathing.
        • Aug 30, 2020, 1:46:33 PM UTC
          That's a good idea! I'll for sure look into how I can redesign 'em next time I draw them, maybe mix 'em somehow with a lead halter? Those look like they can be looser, hmm..



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