Red Dragon

Posted Aug 29, 2020, 5:20:43 PM

I did this illustration some time ago and was bored last night and decided to colorize it.  It's kind of a quick job and not entirely sure it should be a red dragon?  Any thoughts?  Also, what would you classify this art as?  I do my illustrations in pen and then colorize them in Sai.  Is it considered traditional or digital, since it's both??  I can't draw with Sai to save my butt.

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  • Aug 30, 2020
    I suppose red is a good color for this one, though a lot of others would work just as well. I like how the orange tones blend in, and how the green eyes seem to glow.

    Drawing in Sai certainly is different from doing so on paper, a lot of my pieces still start in pencil. Considering that the lines were done traditionally and the colors not, I'd say its both. What's helped me get better at it is to sketch the piece on paper, but to do the lines and onward in the program. What kind of tablet do you have?
    • Aug 31, 2020
      Yeah, I need to practice more and most the time don't have time to. As fall and winter get closer I do have a bit more time on my hands and pretty much say the same thing every year. And still fall short. LOL! I have a touch screen, a HP Pavilion 360 which is fairly new.
      I have trouble categorizing where to put my art when they ask for specifics. I am by far stronger on paper or with a pint brush them I am doing it digitally. Thanks for the advice, every little bit helps. Smile
      I plan to do incktober on DA this year, again, or at least try. I did all my illustrations last year in pen and then scan them into Sai to colorize. Though sometimes just the pen and ink alone makes a bigger statement.
      • Aug 31, 2020
        Meant to say, "I am by far stronger on paper or with a "paint" brush them I am doing it digitally. "
        I often forget to check my spelling, ugh!
        • Sep 2, 2020
          I know how that goes! I procrastinated on landscape studies for *years,* but I finally did get to it earlier this year, and it did help tremendously haha. I started out with a touchscreen laptop as my digital "medium," but I only had a generic stylus, so it was so hard to get small details done, and pressure sensitivity was non-existent, I would certainly not go back to that with any choice in the matter! Do you have one of those art pens you plug in? I know they have those for tablets and phones, and they look incredibly helpful.
          • Sep 4, 2020
            Yeah, I have an older tablet with a plug in pen, but I was having pressure problems with it. Or wouldn't even be touching the screen and it would crap or streak color in places I didn't want it. Got kind of tired of hitting the undo button. It was kind of the reverse problem here. Why I got the HP 360. It's touch pen is amazing and doesn't plug in. I guess it all depends on a lot of factors what works best for whoever. I was trained in mostly traditional mediums and the theory behind that is even with all these digital programs. If you can't draw, the program can't draw by itself. I still have a ways to go before I feel completely comfortable with it. By far strongest with pencil, pen and paint. But sure fun taking my ink drawings and colorizing them. Adds another dimension to it. And I still have the black and whites which make a statement on their own too. Smile Still would like to be able to draw in Sai better. I know, practice, practice, practice...