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The Kwon Twins

Posted Sep 7, 2020, 9:25:54 AM
Name: Areum Kwon
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Light brown hair in stadium shaped bangs and a red bow. Dark brown eyes. Apricot colored skin. Wears the girls school uniform during school hours and a red dress on non-school days.
Family: Principal Kong(grandfather) and Jae Kwon(twin brother)
Background: Comes from a wealthy family. She and her brother were transferred to Hana's school so that their grandfather can keep an eye on them.
Personality: Always picks on Hana. Uses her family influences to get what she wants. Pretends to be sweet around her grandfather. She's the head of the dance team, captain of the girl's sports teams, and president of the future women of wealth club.
Likes: Latest trends and fashions, expensive jewelry, kimbop(korean sushi), dasik(tea cookies), her smartphone, and being popular.
Dislikes: Second brand clothing, cheap trinkets, street food, rodents, frogs, and Hana.
Choice for her voice: Chantel Strand
Name: Jae Kwon
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Light brown hair in a richie rich style. Peach colored skin. Wears the boys school uniform during school hours and a white dress shirt with red bow tie and matching loafers on non-school days. Dark Brown eyes.
Family: Principal Kong(grandfather) and Aruem Kwon(twin sister)
Personality: He always hits on Hana which she finds annoying but that's just encourages him even more. Acts noble around his grandfather. He too likes to uses his family wealth and influences to get what he wants and what he wants right now is to add Hana to his collection of girlfriends. He's head of the school community, captain of the boy's sports teams, and president of the Young Entrepreneur's Club.
Likes: Clean-pressed clothing, expensive watches, gimbap, Jeungpyeon, his smartphone, and being popular.
Dislikes: used clothing stores, cheap watches, fast food, bugs, reptiles, and Cula.
Choice for his voice: Billy West.

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