Trout! Leave it....

Posted Sep 7, 2020, 1:20:41 PM

Where was she? Aquinassar couldn’t find Trout, and after about two minutes of searching and calling, they were starting to get worried. After ten, they were terrified. Where could she have gotten off to? Two days, and they’d already lost their first tokota. Well, okay, maybe don’t panic quite yet, they told themself, there’s still a couple places to check, that tokotas are not suppose to be, but, well, Trout did come with a sort of reputation.

And… there she was. Aquin breathed a deep sigh of relief, relaxing for approximately seven seconds, before they realized, “Oh, no, Trout, no, not the koi!”

They sprinted for them, and Trout, having just discovered the koi pond, pawed at the water curiously, fully focused on the fish that swam in idle, fearless circles, ears pricked and focused, only one flicking toward her handler, and only briefly. She put her snout in the water and blew a couple bubbles.

“Trout, no! Trout, leave it…” Aquin had finally made it, and stopped a few feet away, arms crossed and trying very hard to look stern, but actually very, very worried about the fish that just swam cluelessly between Trout’s open jaws. “Trout…”

Well, they suppose they shouldn’t be surprised. Trout does, after all, have a reputation. They just hope they can convince her to leave these fish alone.


More old toko art! And, c'mon, I can't exactly not have a self-insert handler, can I?


art, Trout, & Aquinassar © aquinassar
Twitter, Deviantart, & Pillowfort

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