Amber - Dracostryx Rider

Posted Sep 8, 2020, 3:52:50 AM

Disclaimer before the character bio because I want to get this out of the way, it's not a w*ndigo, don't make w*ndigo characters, thanks

The TLDR of this is

Stop referring to anything with antlers as a W*ndigo, especially when it’s very clearly meant to be its own thing (the Beast in Over the Garden Wall, Ainsworth in Magus Bride)

Stop “reimagining” the mythology of people whose culture has already been targeted by a systematic erasure and genocide

Amber | Forest ghoul (?) | Old as dirt, probably.

Amber is a territorial beast who lives in the overgrown part of the woods that borders Hibernia Acres, with Asa's cabin being right in between the two, Asa co exists with Amber to keep the risk to Hibernia at a minimum. Amber doesn't speak and is never really seen moving at more than a snails pace, though Asa will occasionally recall horror stories to anyone who asks, always mentioning the smell of decay that surrounds the centre of Ambers territory which wards off most local fauna.

Amber appears to have influence over wild stryx it comes into contact with, occasionally being able to summon White Noise, though it favours a small hawk that Asa calls "Whiskey". Amber also has influence over Asa during his new moon transformations and Asa usually wakes up in that part of the forest after each transformation (werecat)

Design notes:

-Amber has a very dull pair of eyes in the skull

-Ambers "head" is just a jaw bone

-Amber stands anywhere from 7 to 9 feet, usually 7 with the slouching.

-The skull design is pretty flexible, the antlers can change too.

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