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{P} Bear Fight

Posted Sep 14, 2020, 4:18:36 AM

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Good day!


I've been very busy and with little energy lately so art has been slow ( especially drawn art ), but here I am! Back with another piece.


This one's a 2 AR payment for @/GlacialFalls featuring their Reosians Cloud and Reina, and with my Stryx Lovebird and Ice Cream too.

I hurt my wrist badly a few weeks ago, so I've been puttting off most drawn payments and commissions, so I wasn't able to put as much detail as possible in this piece sadly, but I hope I can get back to drawing again soon!


I had a blast doing the aurora hehe


{ 🌑 }


Cloud © @/GlacialFalls

Reina © @/GlacialFalls

Lovebird © SheepMomther

Ice Cream © SheepMomther

Art © SheepMomther


Draco Stryx are an ARPG closed species

Vayrons are an ARPG closed species

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