AP Sheet

Posted Sep 27, 2020, 1:34:16 AM

{ ☁️ }


An AP Sheet for three of my birds!


A volcano erupted and apparently the ashes hurt my eyes so I stuck to traditional art instead of digital to rest my eyes from screens at least.

The sheet was made to help my boy Marble reach Alpha once and for all, while giving my other two kids Lovebird and Teapot some love as well!


This sheet should give Marble 25 AP, but I made his traiings as well, which should get him to Alpha along with this sheet!!


I enjoyed working on this! I hadn't traditionally sketched this much in a while.


{ ☁️ }


Marble © SheepMomther

Lovebird © SheepMomther

Teapot © SheepMomther

Art © SheepMomther


Draco Stryx are an ARPG closed species

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