Sir Johan and Larry Tolbolt

Posted Sep 27, 2020, 9:07:14 AM
Sir Johan Tolbolt
Age: 55
Occupation: Captain of the Royal Guard and the school's combat instructor
Species: Werewolf
Appearance: Gray fur with a bushy mustache that moves every time he speaks. Wears a gold plated armor when he's on duty and beige/yellow shirt with green shorts and a red cap when he's teaching. Dark brown eyes. 
Been serving the Royal Family since Cula's grandfather was the king. Now he's the newest teacher at the Spookiz school. He has a two year old grandson named Lawrence(Larry) whom he hopes will be come another royal guard and a possible future husband for Mina someday.
Personality: Always have a sense of nobility and honor, but often shows he can be a bit casual when he feels relax. He has a soft spot for Cula and his friends and Cula's possible future wife Hana and a great respect for Reaper Sam.
Likes: Roast meats, fresh bread, water in pints, collecting weapons, tapestries, cake, festive music, festivals, jousting, fighting demonstrations, Olympic sports, and telling stories of his days in battle.
Dislikes: Spoiled food, dirty cheaters, disrespectful people, unfair play, bad sportsmanship, reality shows, toilet humor, and easy listening music.
Choice for his voice: Daniel Kennedy
Name: Lawrence(Larry)Tolbolt
Age: 2yrs. Old
Species: Werewolf pup.
Sir Johan's grandson.
Appearance: White fur and wears a green shirt with blue shorts. Yellow eyes with green eyes.
Likes: His grandfather and his stories, chicken nuggets, ice cream, milk, juice, his favorites teddy dog, and wants to marry Mina someday.
Dislikes: Slimey vegetables, baths, and being called Lawernce.
Choices for the voice: Debi Derryberry(2 year old)/Vincent Tong(21 year old)

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