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Old Sweetheart Art 8/25

Posted Oct 2, 2020, 2:47:52 PM

Sweetheart 11372

Reupload! (Idk if this is important but i have my deviantart offsite tracker for this stryx in queue. This art isn't on that tracker)

Fullbody: +1
Colored: +2
Shaded: +1
Background: +2
Biorhythm: +1
Personal work: +1
Total = 8

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  • Oct 4, 2020
    Its so cute! Is it like a flying ferret?
    • Oct 23, 2020
      Thank you! No she's a stryx (a bat-like one) I'm just learning to draw them still XD
      • Oct 28, 2020
        Whats a stryx?
        • Nov 11, 2020
          sorry for my late reply x.x Dracostryx is an ARPG with bird-like and bat-like dragons called Dracostryx (stryx for short). here is the introduction that can explain it better than I can! x3
          • Nov 25, 2020
            Thx! I'm thinking of joining an ARPG to hopefully make some friends. I'm leaning towards the Aqua dragons or the Dracostyrx.