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Ji Hyun

Posted Oct 3, 2020, 9:34:49 AM
Name: Ji Hyun
Age: 10
Species: Human
Classes: Language Arts, literature, economics, chemistry, and biology
Appearance: Tall for her age, light skin, black hair to her shoulders with bangs and two strands being held with a brown barrette, and hazel eyes. Wears the uniform for school and on non school hours and weekends, a pink blouse with a white lace collar, light green green shorts, white socks, pink tennis shoes with white laces, a light pink headband. When in her grandfather's temple, an all white hanbok.
Personality: She is often calm and soft spoken and has a friendly demeanor, but has a scary temper. 
She is an Empath Intuitive Medium who is training to be a mudang(priestess)(a kangshinmu) at her grandfather's temple. She also trained in martial arts. Although she likes to keep to herself, she prefers the company of Hana because of her most positive energy flow. For this leads to believe that Hana is in love with someone. Eventually she'll come across the Spookiz and forms some sort of bond with Kong Kong, the two will become friends because Kong Kong finds her fascinating and Ji finds him easy to talk too. She and her grandfather are vegetarians and support KARA(Korean Animal Rights Advocates)
Likes: Cooking, learning a new language, calligraphy, meditation, scrap booking, knitting, animals, children, create video blogs, play the violin, jewelry making, flowering arranging, gaming, reading, bonsai, comic book art, herb planting, photo manipulation, ceramics, aquarium, writing, drawing, making friendship bracelets, sewing, baking, yoga, nature walks, watching movies/tv shows, painting, coloring, origami, joining a book club, biking, swimming, chess, ping pong, golf, tennis, musicals/opera/plays, comedy, and tea making.
Dislikes: Try-hard fakers, negative people, chronic complainers, drama queen/kings, constant braggers, manipulative people, attention seekers, large crowds, loud noises, violence, reality shows, manufactured/processed food, corporation franchises, the consumption of dog meat and any meat, and energy drinks.
Favorite Foods: Oshinchae, vegetarian bibimbap, vegetarian gimbap, jeon, gyeayan mari(rolled omelette), steamed egg(gaeron jim), and toowoomba pasta(with a Korean twist).
Favorite drinks: Banana milk, smoothies, juice, green plum tea, barley tea, and milkis.
Favorite sweets: Hobak juk, fruit sauces, bingsu(Korean shaved ice), bungeoppang, hodugwaja, and choco pie.
Her weapons of choice: Spirit wards, a fan with a bell attach to it.
Choice for the voice: Christine Marie Cabanos

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