Trials of Aquella - Endurance

Posted Oct 7, 2020, 11:27:43 AM UTC
Your Aqrion has become fairly good at swimming.  Now it's time to head out of the nest.  Now they are eager to play and race each other.  Several young aqrion will get together with a guide dragon, similar to a school session.  Often hunting inanimate objects, each other or smaller easy to catch prey.
- Draw your young Aqrion learning how to hunt small objects, small prey or even other young aqrion. -
Your Aqrion has been challenged to a race by their mentor, but not just any race! It's a race through a dangerous route of caves and lagoon pools. One cannot win this race with just speed, but also through self-pacing and knowledge.
- Depict your Aqrion in the middle of the race overcoming various obstacles that might appear. -

This is somewhere between the two prompts, Rissa and Eloh are racing each other under the watchful eye of their father, Unagi. It's actually pretty cool that I have two aqrions who are half-siblings :D Rissa is bigger than Eloh, though, and she has various membranes, while Eloh has to struggle to reach her speed with his all too smooth body. That, and he's also smaller because he's a male, even though they are both still young (well I have drawn Rissa as adult but I just kinda "backdate" this pic to when they were smol. See Unagi for comparison :'D)

I had an absolute blast with this image, and went all out to make a fitting, in-depth, detailed background. I especially love how Unagi came out, his face is the kind of abyssal face I want to keep as a style. The babies are not as great, but we can just blame it on them being still very much in development XD I think I most enjoyed making the silhouettes in the background, it had such a cool effect and wasn't hard to make at all, but added a lot to the image as well as the endless fiddling I did to fill the top of the canyons with plants and rocks. I dare to say I did quite well on this! Already set it as my desktop background x3

Unagi belongs to the group (Dragons of Aquella) while Nerissa and Eloh belong to me.

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  • Oct 8, 2020, 5:09:25 AM UTC
    Dude! This is one of the coolest images I've seen of these dragons. <3
    I absolutely love the details in your background.