Posted Oct 14, 2020, 4:30:51 PM

Character Name: Seers

Character Age: 31

Character Species: Half-elf  (actually 1 part elf, 3 parts human)

Hair color: Platina

Eye color: BlueGrey



Backstory time!

Based upon the Witchers series, this OC of mine lives in a world full of wonders and witchers. She herself is a Bloodmage; she can enhance others by the use of runes, which are drawn on the body by either her own blood or that of someone else’s. The fresher the blood, the more pure the rune will be, and the more controlled the effect. Un-pure blood can result in an unstable effect, which is not necessarily more or less powerful, just unpredictable.

She only uses her power on the battlefield and can start casting after the first have fallen. She will always try to avoid using the blood of the living, including her own. When the situations does call for it she uses her own blood, which will flood from magical wounds inflicted on her lower arms when starting to draw the runes. The wounds take time to heal; generally small wounds for small spells take a day to heal close, and three days until scars have faded. Larger wounds for when more runes or heavier spells are used can take up to a week or so to heal close, and about a month for scarring to fade. When there is too much scarring on her lower arms, wounds can form down to her stomach, but this rarely happens.

As she was the first of her kind she was casted out as a mage-like-mutant. Finding purpose she soon followed the path of Witchers, not to become one, but to travel side by side with them and aid them in their needs.


Constructive Critique welcome!

It be very much welcome if you'd like to give me some feedback on my artwork and how to improve it!
I'm no good at shading, so I skipped that for now (I know, it can improve it a lot but... UUUUUHG). So please ignore me ignoring shading :']

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