Halloween Costumes

Posted Oct 26, 2020, 3:23:11 AM

Featuring OCs (left to right) Terk, Noel, Rayon, Harret, and Frg.

You can see these guys in action here!

Now, onto my thoughts~~~~~~~~~

1.) The ranch costume is REAL! I had no idea what to put Frg in, so I googled "Halloween costume" and picked the silliest one.
2.) Noel (fox) is the friend who didn't want to dress up, but got talked into it. She won't admit it, but she's glad she did, and is having a great time.
3.) Rayon absolutely dressed up like a zombie to get a reaction out of Terk. (Terk is a paladin.)
4.) Speaking of Terk, dude is incapable of showing up in a costume that ISN'T full of tiny details. My wrist cri evrytiem

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