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Kebi and Zizi's Family

Posted Nov 11, 2020, 8:54:53 AM

In my future stories, Kebi and Zizi are now married and have kids.

Kizi is their daughter who is 10 years old, looks like Kebi with one horn in limepeel/light brown hair in braided pigtails. Green eye in a one len eye wear. 8 freckles on each cheek. Orange skin. Wears a yellow leopard spotted printed dress, white socks, and black shoes. A straight A student with a rebel streak.

Zebi is their son who is 6 years old. He has one horn in his brown curly hair and green skin. Wears a beige color shirt with paw prints, gray shorts, white socks and brown shoes. He also has a crush on Cana.

Kebi and Zizi are the copyright properties of Keyring Studios/WildBrain.

Kizi and Zebi are mine.

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