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Joyeux anniversaire Leopold

Posted Nov 27, 2020, 8:12:42 PM

Today is the French vampyre's birthday. ♡ This is a #fbf to Christmas, 2013 - I'm surprised I didn't already have it posted, and came across it by accident yesterday when I was looking for the Thanksgiving 2013 artwork of Mitchi for #tbt. This is Leopold with his young wife: Christabel is an alternate name for Alexandria "Sha" Amaranth, when I wasn't sure I wanted to share my real name with my personal character, you see. This art piece was inspired by the Phantom of the Opera otome/visual novel romance game, since one of the heroine Christine's lovers look like Leopold. ;3 ♡

I'd also like to submit this to PaperDemon's OC-tober art challenge for the prompt, "In love". =^.^= ♡

~ Bullet; Green Sha

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