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Nolous C.S.

Posted Nov 29, 2020, 4:29:49 AM

Finally got around to making art of this guy! He's one of the significant characters of my story The Wyverns and was sorely in need of a reference beyond that one bust I drew of him haha. Now that his design is set, I'll be making some art of him. Eventually.

Art and character belong to me, all rights reserved~

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  • Jan 6, 2021
    He's really cool, really cute how he has a slight bob like a bird when he walks. I've always liked the idea of the "one person" thing when it comes to multiheaded creatures.
    • Jan 7, 2021
      A lot of the wyverns I see around are the quadrupedal kind that use their wings to walk, so when exploring those who don't, it makes sense that they'd walk similarly to birds since they're built similarly in that way- plus, it definitely is a cute thought like you said, haha.
      I generally feel that way too - the multi-person thing is the go to when more than one head is present, to the point where I don't remember any character or creature in particular that deviates from it. It makes more sense from a survival standpoint for it all to be the same person, since conflicting orders to the body could compromise the individual in a dangerous situation. Having more than one face to emote with opens up a lot of room for characters to emote also, which is a fun aspect I've been exploring as of late with the multi-headed dragons in my cast.
      • Jan 7, 2021
        That does make a lot of sense! I never thought there would be so many advantages for the 2 heads 1 being preference.