The Raven Lolita

Posted Jan 8, 2006, 7:46:12 AM
Character: Role Play Type -
Raven (friend's character, he's shown younger and more girly here than normal... )

Media: Pencil sketch, inked with ball point pen, then scanned and colored on the computer with PaintShop Pro7 and a mouse.

Well... I have been working off and on on this picture... I think the details kept scaring me away ^^;  but its done now... I am not happy with the backgroud... it looks to plain and stuff... but I was too lazy at this point to do anything better ^_^; ohwell.. I am also annoyed that ... well he looks like a chick.

It's actually a guy...

but he's young, pretty, and dressed up in Gothic Lolita style clothes... so he looks like a chick... without boobs x_x yes it annoys me that he's so close to the brink... But oh well again. If you want you can think of him as a chick :P

I am happy with how I colored him though ^^;

Raven usually isn't this small or young... or girly... In fact he hates wearing feminine clothing. He only did it because it made one of his mates veeerrryyy happy...

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  • Jan 8, 2006
    This is great! I really like the colors and the shading on this. The expression on her face is good too. Good Job!
  • Jan 9, 2006
    Wow!O.OThis is unbelievible!O.OYou`ve put so much work in this piccy,right?Of course,it shows every minute of your work!YesI love the eyes!And the black wings are just awesome!HeartOnly thing that looks strange is her body...PonderIsn`t it to long ?I mean the waist and her back?maybe it`s just me....The piccy rocks!So much work...InnocentYou`re worth of much praises!WorshipWorshipkeep up the good work!HeartMwah!
    • Jan 10, 2006
      My bodies are usually kinda elongated... ^^; thank you though.
  • Jan 14, 2006
    WOW super pretty dude!XD