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Posted Dec 8, 2020, 3:43:16 AM

This is Cyrus and Primrose from the game Octopath Traveler.

Late last year I read a romance fanfic called "Letters" by thatarikuchan involving these two lovelys from Octopath Traveler. This scene from chapter 11 really stuck out at me. It was quite comical, Primrose snooping through Cyrus's bedroom and reading his journal. Then when he comes in, she shoves the journal under a pillow and acts all innocent by playing with something on is side table. I drew her playing with a Cait figurine.

I had started working on this piece in late 2019 and for some reason left it unfinished. I finally decided to finish it. I had used masking fluid on portions of it and unfortunately was unable to lift the masking fluid so i decided to just redraw it on a new sheet of watercolor paper and repaint it. There are definitely some issues with the perspective which I'm aware of but oh well. Will do better next time.

I was also pretty timid with the coloring of this one. I wanted to make sure it was easy to see the characters so I ended up keeping the colors to light washes

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