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Takes Some Getting Used To

Posted Jan 5, 2021, 4:53:18 AM

I've been working on an alternate style for conceptual stuff (and as a step towards an efficient style for comics) and while I was going about that, I decided to another thing I've been aiming to do for a while now- design Kamon's parents! Like a lot of people writing fantasy stories, I've had issues with "Absent Parent Syndrome," and want to fix it- there's a ton of rich content and interaction you can get from including family, why waste it on the typical route? Plus, it was a different and thought provoking excercize, figuring out which of his traits come from what side of the family, seeing where he got recessive traits popping up, and where their genetics mixed in unusual ways. It was a fun exploriation.

Their names are Thanh (mother, green and dark scales) and Thira (father, red and pale scales). Thanh has the tendency to get intense at times, and when this happens she can be very adamant and unyielding about where she stands. A lot of the villagers get uncomfortable with her because of it and avoid her, but her husband is not among them. Thira is usually laid back and calm, in stark contrast to his wife, and it works out in that the two don't get into many serious conflicts. They'll talk things out, and  he'll stand with her when they come to a decision on something... she might procede to go on about it for a while after this point, and he's figured its best to let her get it out of her system.

Art and characters belong to me, and are for my sole use.

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  • Jan 6, 2021
    They sound like a sweet couple! Love how you put their personality in their stances and facial expressions. Love this ;u;
    • Jan 7, 2021
      Aw, thank you! I figure if I don't distinguish them in their facial and body language, the details on their physical design won't have much of a point~