New Years Art RPG Cross Over Challenge. Earn 50-100 XP, 7AP, 50 gold for participating. Now through Mar 10

I love my baby

Posted Jan 9, 2021, 11:00:19 PM

Prompt: The new year is upon us. 

After much celebrating with your family and friends, you are feeling rather worn out.

It's time to take a break, you all deserve it.

It's time to take a long deserved nap. 

Curl up in your favorite spot with your favorite buddy or toy, and have a great big nap. Depict your dragon having a nap with his favorite friend/companion/toy. 


that's right, Dorris's favorite dragon is her adopted child and not her brother. If you had a sibling they wouldn't be your favorite person either. Admittedly if you asked Rift she wouldn't put one over the other. Also yes, this bakcground is really bad. I couldn't think of anything so I defaulted to this...

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