Fursona Ref 2021

Posted Jan 13, 2021, 3:41:30 AM

Fursona ref 2021

-My fursona share's my name, and is not a separate character.
-Is suppose to look like me in anthro form (how the artist would fuse animal and human characteristics is up to them)
-Is a wolverine
-The hair cut is called "Regular Haircut"
-Small note on the eyes He can have large, normal pupils or slightly slit pupils as default. He has no control over his pupil dilatation/style. Sometimes they can even be more exotic.
-Eyebrows are important. Please note how the eyebrows look.
-Feral/Quad form can range anywhere from regular animal to sentient human intelligence. At any point on this scale, he still understands that he is male.
....Small note for above: The more human accessories you give him (hair, glasses, people clothes) the more sentient he must be (unless noted otherwise)

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