PDARPG Dracostryx Cross Over

Posted Jan 13, 2021, 7:52:51 PM

Flurry belongs to Dracostryx

For the PaperDemon New Years challenge

The stars and jellyfish are meant to be paper lanterns to celebrate the new year.

I had tons of fun making this piece! Digital art / Photoshop.

Prompt #1 - DracoStryx Crossover

The lightning from the storm has set fire to several airships, and they need fliers to help bring people and possessions to safety before the ships go down. Draw or write your character assisting in the rescue efforts alongside a Dracostryx. The submission must include your character and a Dracostryx. If you don’t already know any Dracostryx players, join the Dracostryx Discord and ask for volunteers!

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