Phantom Encounter

Posted Jan 15, 2021, 3:46:12 AM

Working more on Phantom's lore, decided that my unuploaded Hawk Omen would play a part in her story.

Essentially she's been locked up and confined to the inside of an ancient forest temple by some mages of old that lived in a nearby village. They used most of their powers to bind her there, keeping her at bay. Over time, pieces of the darkness that Phantom would use to try and break the bonds would escape, creating havoc throughout the nearby environments, one of these creatures being the shadowy enemy that Sha'Ruk defeated many centuries ago.

Centuries later, Sha'Ruk is known as a rumored legend that rarely appeared before mortals, who viewed her as merely a myth by now. Phantom was still locked up in the temple, but many had even forgotten about her existance over all this time. There she lay dormant, growing her power until it could overcome the magic used to seal her. Eventually, she became incredibly strong, fighting violently against her bonds. This would cause tremors in the earth surrounding the temple, including the village nearby. Many passed it off as merely a series of small earthquakes, deep down hoping their suspicions were not true. That the alleged 'Temple Monster' was just that; a legend, used to keep children from wandering into the woods alone.

Omen, a young Hawk, one that was always a sign of devastation when seen, had made his home at the temple over the past few years. When the earth began to shake, the doors of the temple were knocked out of place. Omen squeezed through the now open doors that had been otherwise almost unbreakable previously, finding himself met with a series of tunnels burrowing deeper under the temple. He followed them down, only to be met with an incredibly large cavern, containing a beast unlike he'd ever seen before. Four wings, two chained tightly to her body, while the larger set was outstretched on either side of her, also held in place by chains. A magical presence could be felt, disturbed by a far more sinister one. The beast looked down at him, and began to speak. An awful, screeching, gravely voice, speaking in a tongue Omen had never even heard before. He somehow understood. It wanted him to free it, as only a mortal could, due to the way the ancient mages had cast the seal.

When Omen left that temple, Phantom followed quickly, soaring into the sky, letting out a thunderous roar. Omen had never felt such power before. He had just unleashed an entity only rivaled by few in this world, and was now allies with it. He became a messenger for Phantom, who did not speak any native language. He would deliver her cyptic messages to other Stryx, who would then fearfully pass them on through their communities. Phantom feeds on fear, so naturally she would be drawn towards these large groups of beings when she needed energy.

Sha'Ruk could feel a strange disturbance the instant Omen laid eyes on Phantom down in that temple. She descended from her roost, one way out in an unknown and uncharted area, to find this disturbance. Upon seeing Phantom and her pesky messenger, she felt feelings unlike any she'd ever felt before. Rage, pain, sorrow, but most of all, resent. This thing was the cause of her infliction, she could feel it. It had created that beast that she ahd taken down centuries ago, causing the shadowy mist to seep from her lungs. Althpugh it had made her a legend, it had caused her so much pain. Pain to those it destroyed, families it had torn apart. She knew she had to destroy this thing, once and for all.

Cue their eternal battle for the other's death.







Total= 12 AP

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  • Jan 16, 2021
    You are AMAZING at lighting... How exactly do you do it?
    • Jan 16, 2021
      Thank you so much!
      Honestly I just think about where the light source is coming from and what areas of the character or subject are exposed to that light.
      Also studying how other artists do it helps a lot, gives a good idea on where to start.
      • Jan 17, 2021
        Interesting. I guess it comes with practice. Have you ever thought of doing a piece of the northern lights? With your dramatic lighting it would be really pretty.
        • Jan 17, 2021
          I actually haven't, that could be interesting though! I'll keep it in mind for future pieces.