Pretty Boy The Shiba Inu

Posted Jan 15, 2021, 4:28:28 AM
Some notes:
-no sheath. He's trans.
-His first given name is "#A55H0LE" or Asshole (based on his serial number), he chose Pretty Boy for himself.
...(Asshole is not a deadname and not symbolic of one, can be used instead of Pretty Boy. PLEASE don't make this about dead names.) canon Asshole/A55H0LE is only used by people that know his serial number.
-He is not a good boy.
-yes inspired by cyberpunk and also parts taken from my own stories. (Kind of like shit posting with my own repeating themes in my stories/ story formulas)
I story I crapped out while drawing him:
Pretty Boy is from a high end made-to-order pet cloning/creation place, and they also work closely with the military and industrial complexes to create war creatures and work creatures. A woman wanted a clone of her departed Shiba Inu, figuring that the soul could travel into the new body since it hadn't been that long. The lab made no promises on any of the metaphysics (especially due to the wait times), but agreed she'd at least have an exact clone of her old friend. Months passed and the woman became gravely ill, and wanted to call off the procedure so that she could be with her friend in the afterlife somewhere. The team agreed but used the DNA to try out different aesthetics and military features. They allowed serial number "#A55H0LE" to reach adulthood before deciding it was time to kill it for "moral" reasons (no reasons were specifically named). They left a new guy in charge who, upon closing his eyes to press the kill button, pressed the wrong button. "#A55H0LE" was released and gained consciousness for the first time. Through a comedy of errors, bystander effect, and not getting the final expense benefits worthy of dying by an enraged blue dog, #A55H0LE was allowed to escape.
Story notes:
-Pretty Boy realized he was trans upon learning about gender. This was not done by any testing. It is about as common statistically in other sentient creatures as it is in humans.
-Pretty Boy wanted a name separate from his serial number that didn't immediately give him away as exactly what he is, an asshole.
...For a while he was a little sore about the joke that his serial number was, but due to his own twisted sense of humor, proudly claims it. (keep in mind he wasn't suppose to live)
-Pretty Boy isn't on the run, and his progress and health is checked up on for future study. They honestly do not care what he does.
-Pretty Boy works in security for his birth place but moon lights as a feral animal eating rats and helping people in exchange for take out. He will kill someone for you or read your child a bed time story for a big piece of cheese. Truly a name your price kind of guy.
-he isn't that lady's dead pet by any means.

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  • Jan 15, 2021
    The serial number and lab kinda remind me of Red XIII from Final Fantasy 7.
    I really like the detail on his gums and tongue!
    • Jan 15, 2021
      Oh nice, I've never played final fantasy. Heard of the character before :> Thank you!
      • Jan 16, 2021
        Thanks I'm just now playing my first final fantasy game, FFVII. If you like JRPGs i definitely recommend! Others I would recommend are Xenoblade and Chrono Trigger.