Posted Jan 17, 2021, 9:01:13 PM

Locals have often told stories about 'The Flying Wolf of the Mountains' to their young ones, using this story to teach them about the dangers of the blizzards and the harshness of the cold heights. Lately, a rather large, mysterious figure has been reported stealing kills from the hunters who gather food for the town. Many of them have even come back heavily injured, rambling on in fear about a large grey beast that swooped down on them, staining the snow with their blood if they attempted to fight back against the kill theif. Scouting parties have been sent out, only finding evidence of a few scattered feathers and some strange footprints, but no sign of this beast.

A group of young adventurers one day wandered into the mountains on a dare from a friend. As it was getting dark, the group began to turn back and head home. A shadow raced across the ground, forcing their vision to the sky. A huge creature was spotted landing near the infamous ice caves of the mountains, ones that were known to swallow up hikers and hunters alike without a trace. Deciding to investigate, the adventurers made their way towards the caves, hoping to find something extraordinary to tell to their town later. What they found was no less than extraordinary, but was also incredibly dangerous.


Even though I don't draw Harvey enough, she still sits in the back of my head (with some others I don't draw often) and says 'draw me draW ME DRAW ME'

So have a quick thing I made of her, referencing this image for the BG.

I should also really write down these little snippets in one place at some point instead of keeping them floating around in my head.

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