Don't Mind Them

Posted Feb 9, 2021, 10:32:29 PM UTC

Moving along with more of Kamon's family, here's another pair of his siblings~ The left one with the rich colors and dark stripes is Lĕk, Kamon's only brother. To the right with the comparatively muted hues is the another of their sisters, Darin. As a clutchmate to Fon, she's older than the three from Kamon's clutch, but unlike her merchant sister, Darin does not travel, and has remained in the proximity of her home village her entire life. This puts her as the oldest child of the house, and is the one who will become the head of the family once she becomes older and her parents pass- not that there is any indication that this will happen anytime soon, for the time being she holds greater responsibility and authority than her siblings. Lĕk, on the other hand, holds the least because of a couple different factors, and for the most part keeps to himself. Despite this, these two are close, similar to how Kamon and Fon are - Darin and Lek are introverted, and spent lots of time together as kids, and unlike the other sibling pair, they still see each other on a daily basis.

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