Posted Feb 19, 2021, 2:56:50 AM UTC

I have a feeling the dream I had about Malus was actually from Rakia's perspective, not my own.

I was somewhere, doing something, it wasn't defined where or what. I knew I was lost, but also at the same time that he was looking for me. There were others around, lots of others actually, but it wasn't certian who they were or if I was in danger. Eventually we met back up and left wherever we were, which looking back on it it must have been some kind of building. The whole thing was very vague, and it got very unclear after all that, but it happened and I felt the need to give them some attention. Kinda a sign that they need it I guess.

I only think it's from Rakia's perspective because these two are connected in both lore and bloodline, Malus takes care of Rakia after the cult is mostly disbanded, even before that he did. Even though it's not the most healthy relationship, Rakia stays because it's all she knows, and she doesn't want to lose that familiarity.




Total= 12 AP for both

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