Milton x Sha 2

Posted Mar 6, 2021, 10:44:57 PM UTC

Milton and Sha from MQ again! This was drawn back when I was really into Gothic Lolita fashion in my late teens. =^.^= 💚 Going to be going through my old sketches and colouring them! 

Sha's curls here are inspired by Mikaila from the gothic manga Godchild by Kaori Yuki who along with Ayami Kojima is a big influence on me and my brothers' art styles. What's funny is that last night Micky said this looks like him/Viktor and Amy... he's right! 😆

I recorded a speedpaint art video which you can watch here:

CTM online:

The music in the art video is "Mama's Dream" composed by my best friend, Matthew Villani, known as AltoonaYourPiano on YouTube inspired by his mother's dream. You can listen to the whole song here:

The art video and this art piece is dedicated to Matt's mom, Patricia "Patty" Villani. All my love and prayers to her. 🙏🏻

:bulletgreen: Sha

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