Fallen Angel

Posted Mar 18, 2021, 10:52:01 PM

"How do you stay so strong?

How did you hide it all for so long?

How can I take the pain away?

How can I save,

A fallen angel?"


Morkeleb essentially believes he's a god once he reforms his cult, and once he finds Phantom after her release, he attempts to harness her powers for himself using old rituals told of in prohibited anctient tales. Obviously this didn't end well for him. After Phantom is dealt with (still a wip as to how this happens) and everyone under her power is set free, Morkeleb is one of them who suffers the most from the aftermath of possession. He keeps his god-like beliefs, but he has gone pretty much insane at this point. The rest is a bit cloudy to me, still gotta work on it.






Total= 16 AP

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