One More Song...

Posted Mar 19, 2021, 4:10:40 PM UTC
My final piece for the Winter Solstice event! I had my doubts that I could complete this. It took forever, and some more, and I almost deleted the whole thing when the logs - yes, those are logs - just didn't look like wood at all. Rip. At least it can pass for a projective test, hashtag psychology opportunist student. Haha.
Besides the whole include extra aqrions for extra goodies, I wanted to include aqrions from people who are important to me, as a kind-of giftart to them. If your aqrion was not featured in this piece, it doesn't mean I love you any less! But I had limited amount I could include and taken that I individually had to color and shade each of them (let alone sketch everyone twice and then make a lineart), I had to make a limit somewhere.
The last touch with the visible song of the flukes... omg, that just make everything come to life so much, and I enjoyed making the bubbles too (there are hand-drawn bubbles). I also put 2 starfish into the circle, I'm mentioning them because they are there if you look for them but not necessarily at first glance XD And I worked with them! Look at them!
Even though aqrions are evolved, like, very much so, I couldn't imagine them putting together a literal stage, so I tried to take a minimalistic approach - not because I was lazy, heck, I put so many hours into this (linearting took 3 hours, mind you), but because I wanted it to be realistic to MY lore. So I was like, okay, we collected wood, we collected seaweed, put them to use. So I thought I'd make a stage outlined with wood and decorate it with the seaweed/kelp (no idea what it is, I'm crap at ocean botany). That I shaded like twice until it finally looked okay. Eh.
Overall I'm happy I pulled through this because it turned out really nice, but I have a tiny bit of an itch for out of the water art now.

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  • Mar 19, 2021, 11:46:28 PM UTC
    I can see how this would take a while, that is a lot of characters! I like your choice of stage, it feels more fitting of an oceanic environment than a carved one would, and has a much cozier feel to it.
    • Mar 22, 2021, 9:04:48 AM UTC
      Thank you so much <3 Aqrions are pretty evolved so a properly built stage is not out of canon either, but it just didn't work out for me Big Smile