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Posted Mar 29, 2021, 1:52:19 PM UTC
Sometimes I don't want to do elaborate event art, just have fun with my characters. I bred 2 of my 4 phins and ended up with 6 babies, and had this funny image in my head that I should draw the whole pregnancy announcement. They all got pregnant during Lua's Love Day. Hymn and Lorelei did the naugthy because in their secluded little pod no one told them the sibs are off-limits (a.k.a. why have inbreeding game mechanics if no one uses them???), and Aurora found herself a pretty phin (Trellia <3) who blessed her with some kiddos. Delphine was chill, she didn't get pregnant XD
Originally I just drew Lorelei and Aurora being preggo, then Delphine joined the image and finally Hymn in his small form, having a mental breakdown because half of the pod is pregnant and useless/need protection. I read up on dolphin pregnancies, the females get more buoyant, are less agile and slower, so they are more vulnerable and have difficulty hunting. In such a small pod it's a huge risk, so Hymn can be allowed his 10 minutse of mental breakdown. Then the 4 of them will have to keep tabs on 6 babies, so, rip, good luck guys.
There are aqrions I have 0 lore for and for these guys inspiration is just striking left and right, so I'm very happy about them. I'm also making the designs behind the scenes and there will be some very very gorgeous babies c:

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  • Mar 29, 2021, 4:28:25 PM UTC
    Welp. Good luck with that Hymn! XD
    This made me laugh haha, it's a beautiful and fun art piece!
    • Mar 29, 2021, 10:24:39 PM UTC
      Oh yeah XD Poor guy. He's also the father of 2 of those babies, so lots of pressure on him.
      Originally it started as a chill piece then it went into comedy. 0 regrets Big Smile



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