Calling for Spirit

Posted Apr 1, 2021, 7:10:19 PM UTC

calling for spirit - concept sketch of my character, Essi Resmor.



  • Character Name: Essi Resmor
  • Character Age: 25
  • Character Species: Human
  • Hair color: Green
  • Eye color: Orange

Brief biography: 

Essi likes to travel, engoing meeting new folks and having adventures along the way. But at heart, she wishes to settled down and find a new home. She grew up with a family of mercenaries and around those who trained with weapons often, and so has some training of her own. She was never any good with weapons , though, being much better and more adept with magic. She had a mentor who was able to teach her how to control her own magic and also to be able to not get burned by fire. 

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