Posted Apr 8, 2021, 7:35:56 PM UTC

A slingshot made from natural materials found in the forest near the waterfall. Imbued with magic for accuracy.


Kip, as a water imp, is naturally mischievous and likes to prank and scare visitors to his home and the woods nearby. A slingshot is perfect for this! Kip decided to bring this on his adventures tofor defense and in case he sees any opportunities for fun.

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  • Sep 13, 2021, 12:04:13 PM UTC
    I really like this thing's design
    It's simple Big Smile
    • Sep 14, 2021, 4:19:44 PM UTC
      Yeah it is. though I'm not sure if it fits Kip... i just couldn't think of anything else Sweat Drop



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