Liminal Portrait

Posted Apr 12, 2021, 1:58:43 PM UTC

Name: Liminal ("Lim" for short)
Age: 303
Species: Imp
Horns: Amber
Hair: Dark and Inky
Eyes: Indigo Iris, Dark Sclera, Silvery Cataract
Tail: Tipped with Golden Fountain Pen Nib

Liminal grew up sheltered in a large arcane library and repository of books of all kinds, unbeknownst to the staff and keepers of the place. He spent most of his time nestled amongst the stacks during the active periods, peeking out over the spines, only venturing out during the quieter times to read or make himself some tea from the librarian's kitchen when he was certain he would not be disturbed. With a steady diet of stories and tea, not to mention a healthy dose of people watching (the library's patrons were quite diverse, after all), it was small wonder that the imp would develop a passion for writing himself, and thus set about channelling all of his power into it. Soon his form began to reflect his ability, ensuring that he'd never go without ink or paper to write with again.

The act of attempting his own writing had highlighted one thing to Liminal, and that was his utter lack of awareness of the world outside the library. With an increasing wanderlust and curiosity, not to mention an appetite for new and fresh stories (the librarians were surprisingly picky with what they let in) Lim set out to discover what he could, dancing across threshold after threshold, eagerly scribbling and noting every chance he got.


A little on the nose given the name of the site, ARPG, and even moreso the name of the starting Inn, but hey, I probably wouldn't have found this site or game if it didn't match my aesthetic so well!

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  • Apr 14, 2021, 3:51:26 AM UTC
    Someone raised by books will have quite an adventure out in the wide world, so familiar and yet so different from the tales they were raised with.. 🙂