Darker thoughts

Posted Jan 20, 2006, 3:53:33 AM

Im in the mood, incredible how mood influence what we do! I left the other one so that you can see the changes.

Watercolor and charcoal

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  • Jan 20, 2006
    Oh i love grim...This is awesome...Great job...Smile
    • Jan 21, 2006
      Yes, i was just in the right mood to create something like this.Evil thanks
  • Jan 21, 2006
    I like the revised pic and I think you did an excellent job with the feeling of this drawing. I think we all get into a mood like that sometimes and this is a great rendition of it. Water color and charcoal huh? I've never heard of that combination before I might have to try it out because it's an awesome mixture! Grin
    • Jan 22, 2006
      Laughing well, it was an old drawing actually, that i did in charcoal. I was checking out my arts the other day and when i found this one, i decided to ruin it by playing around with watercolor and ink...When i want to ruin, turns out nice, when i want it to be nice i ruin it..SmileThanks Jill!
      • Jan 22, 2006
        Well you're most welcome Grin
  • Jan 22, 2006
    Woah!OOThis is awesome!YesI love the way you`ve colored this one!And the blood...EvilPerfectly spooky!! Yeah,mood does inluence!!LaughingAwesome job hun!HeartMy love to you!Let the next piccy to be a bit happier!LaughingLaughingMMmwaaahh!Heart
    • Jan 22, 2006
      Smile Glad you like it, yes i do feel much better. I think i missed the sun too much, lately we've been having such shitty weather here, but today, blue sky...Smile Thanks again, Much love!Mwah!
      • Jan 22, 2006
        Yey!!!! I`m so glad you`re happier now!HeartHeartTell me about it..annoyed:It`s -30C in here.AND THE SCHOOL IS CANCELED!!!!!!!Omg!LaughingActually it`s not so good,`cause it`s terms exams next week and it`s -30C !!!!!!!LaughingLaughingROFLI think the God is laughing his ass off of the angry teachers` expressions after the News!ROFLROFLROFLThsi is awesome!!!LaughingLaughingLaughingAnd I haven`t seen the sun in ages..SadI`m even drawing a piccy that`s called "Winter`s kiss"OMG!This is soooo strange!But still awesome!LaughingLaughingGlad that you`re better!My love to you!Heart
        • Jan 22, 2006
          Here its not that cold but we had an ice storm it was pure hell. I love winter, but i hate these days when the temperature doesnt know what it want!!! Laughing When i was heading to my classes while the ice storm, everything was so slippery, there was more than an inch of ice everywhere, so let me tell you that everybody were on slow motion. I almost fell on my ass, you should have seen me slip and trying to get my balance back, and that happen right in front of the firemen house (dunno the word), they laugh at me so much. I was red!!Smile I hope you see the sun soon, its such a pleasure to see it today. Have you posted the drawing yet? Much love! Very Happy
  • Feb 2, 2006
    I absolutely looooove this. I like morbid, dark things sometimes. Weird What?
    • Feb 2, 2006
      Me too...i usely dont draw it, but lately i'Ve been in the mood! Thanks!!!!
  • May 2, 2006
    Very very nice. Big Smile I think this is my absolute favorite piece of your work, yet. But, I haven't been through the rest of your gallery yet, so...Smile Nice job.
    • May 3, 2006
      Laughing Thanks...funny how i considered this one like a 'doodle' and many people really like it. I'm very glad though! Smile Thanks Dollmaker!
  • Nov 30, 2010
    love the grimm reaper man!




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