Neveira Character Profile

Posted Apr 26, 2021, 10:16:24 PM UTC
Name: Neveira (Veira)
Character Age: 100+
Character Species: Demon

Brief personality:
Neveira is quite mild-tempered for a demon, rarely getting frustrated or annoyed, or incredibly sad or happy. However, she does have a bit of a sly and mischievous side hiding behind her calmness, finding it fun confusing others or causing mayhem.
Since her mother was an infamous criminal, and she herself being a demon, Veira has little moral boundaries hence why she can struggle to fit in and adapt to strict rules in new societies.
Brief biography:
Veira was once human, a very long time ago. Birthed as a stillborn, her mother was consumed by grief, and in her desperation, she committed a dark ritual to bring Neveira back to life, with the price of her daughter's humanity. Once known infamously as the White Witch, with her magical prowess the ritual was completed successfully, and Neveira was reborn as a demon.
Despite having a demon for a daughter, the White Witch raised Neveira lovingly and with care throughout many decades, travelling through many worlds together. However, bound by human mortality, she slowly grew old and passed away, leaving Neveira to wander the universe on her own and carve her own story from then on.
Although it has been many years since her mother's death, Neveira still hasn't moved on from her loss. Somewhat feeling lost and without direction anymore, she wanders worlds to find a new meaning to her life.

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