Itzel Xiao - were-jaguaress

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Character Name: Itzel Xiao

Character Age: 12yrs

Character Sex: female jaguar

Character Species: were-jaguaress

Hair color: chestnut (reddish brown)

Eye color: light green


What was the place your character grew up like?

Itzel Xiao was rescued, by her adoptive father, as a cub from an unknown place far away; since then she has grown in the guild of battle mages to which her father belongs to. It was her adoptive father that taught her the essentials of unarmed, hand to hand, combat which combined with her natural ferocity and abilities have made her, despite her rather young age, a deadly opponent to face in close, short, range


Was your character close with their family?

Since she is the only survivor from a very rare species (as far as she knows there are no others of her kind), she has no one like her nearby. She has grown especially close to her adoptive father, whom she admires, loves and respects dearly not only because he has cared for her since she was a baby cub, but also because he has been her master and mentor

Besides her father she has only know the other members and students of the guild, whom she has come to care as if they were her family


Did your character go to school?

Growing up in a guild of battle mages gave Itzel Xiao the benefits of learning, not only how to fight, but also how to read and write fluently; which in turn allowed her to be able to cast spells. Even when hasn’t advanced enough on the path to learn complex spells, she is able to channel enough power to cast a handful of useful spells


What is your character’s occupation?

Following her adoptive father’s footsteps, Itzel Xiao, wanted to become a battle mage. Yet destiny had something else set for her: to find her adoptive father, who went missing during a mission the cabal sent him to do.

So after waiting for him to return for almost a year, she has decided to leave the guild where she was raised and set out on a journey to find or rescue her father; so now she travels, in search for him, disguised as an entertainer, specifically an acrobat, so as to pass as a simple performer and thus not gain any unnecessary attention unto herself while being able to listen to any important news or gossip that might lead her to her father whereabouts


Is your character rich, poor, or middle class?

While all her material needs were cared for while she lived in the Guilds Monastery, she was also taught to release herself of worldly needs, a lesson Itzel Xiao now uses as she travels abroad only with certain essential equipment required for surviving the hardships she might meet on the outdoors

Thus she has the barely minimum to pass as a travelling entertainer, some coins, basic equipment and enough food to take her to the next town; where she will work for a warm meal, a place where to sleep, while she gathers enough information to continue on her search


How does your character feel about traveling?

The guild has seen Itzel Xiao decision to leave as a quest, of honor and loyalty, to find her mentor and father. Thus have assisted her as much as possible, knowing she can find safe haven in any of the monasteries the guild has and hoping that one day she may return home with her father, once she finds him

Even when she loved the life she had while within the guilds peaceful monastery, as is the nature of her species, she had always wanted to run free in the wilderness so now that she has a purpose to be outdoors she adores the thrill and emotions of being amidst nature, and from town to town, as she continues her search. Adding to this are her natural skills as a predator which serve her well in tracking and hunting not only food but also to pass without making any noise or being seen, almost as if she was invisible, while stalking or sneaking around


Was there a turning point in your character’s life that changed them?

There were two dramatic events which changed Itzel Xiao life forever: the first when she was a very young, baby cub, when her adoptive father rescued her from the massacred that claimed the lives of her entire family and tribe, thus to lead a new life in the guilds monastery an train and grow to become, like her adoptive father, as a battle mage

Then even before she became a teenager, her adoptive father went missing during a mission the guild sent him to do. So now at the young age of 12 yrs, she has decided to leave the peace and security of the guilds monastery to search for her father


What are your character’s likes and dislikes?

Itzel Xiao species, like many other supernatural races, has a natural allergic reaction when in direct contact with silver, the purer the metal, the more violent the reaction will be.

Also her species has a natural affinity and connection to the lunar cycles, their strength and powers growing and waning with its phases. But during the full moon is when they, and thus Itzel Xiao as well, reach a maximum power to the point where if she doesn’t control it, risks turning into a savage wild beast. Her life and training in the monastery has taught her how to meditate in order to remain in control, but since she is still rather young and inexperienced, she has to remain calm and in deep mediation during  those full moon nights or risk turning into a savage beast until the following morning

Besides that, she doesn’t like vegetables, raw or cooked, and prefers a protein diet, that would consist mainly of almost raw meat. Yet she is a young girl and thus very fond of sweet things: candies, particularly chocolate



Like any feline, especially young kittens, Itzel Xiao is playful and sometimes gets distracted by sudden movements. She’s curious about all the many things she’s finding in the open road and all the towns she has been to; since it’s all new to her, she wants to find out about everything

So she has to concentrate to stay focused on her quest and not to get distracted with all the new things she is learning and seeing as she travels





Still rather small (height 1.50cm) and extremely thin (40kg weight) for her size

Her hair is rather long, waist length, which she using wears in a high ponytail, so that it doesn’t her into her face or in her way while performing or during martial arts practices and obviously during fights

Itzel Xiao is extremely graceful and athletic, with extraordinary abilities for hunting and climbing. Her natural skills allow her to climb trees with ease as well as to move without making any noise and to see almost in complete darkness. All of which make her a lethal huntress and a deadly enemy to face at night

Even when her claws (hands and feet) are still small, they are rather lethal on close combat range

As a feline she has a long tail which adds to her balance while climbing



Comfortable and simple clothing, she own nothing expensive and her cloth looks slightly worn. Adequate for warm, mild weather

She also posses one suit, that she wears under her traveling cloth, which she uses during her performances



Only necessary traveler’s items, nothing expensive or fancy, light and simple to allow quick movements; some money, a bit of food, are all her worldly possessions










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