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Kirsten was born in the Langt Wolf Tribe with the curse of misfortune. He was trained to be a soldier at the age of 5 and kept training for 6 more years. This got cut off as one day he was out hunting, he saw smoke coming from his tribe's camp. When he arrived, it was in shambles. Homes were burnt, people were killed, treasures and heirlooms were stolen. He lost everything. After seeing his parents dead, he lost himself. He was emotionless, and silent. He grabbed his mother's necklace and his father's most prized possesion, a hand-crafted dagger... He avoided people off all species for years unless they were harmed. He wanted to keep people from suffering like he and the Langt tribe did... He also is in search for his brother whom he lost long before the attack on his tribe. We wish him the best of luck...


His necklace was his mother's. It is known to bring people warmth and comfort at times of need. Sometimes it will incinarate people who aren't worthy of it. It mostly helps Kirsten out by making sure he's safe, but it also makes him a bit more intimidating. He keeps it on the side of him around his... Waist cloth? Is that what they're called? Anyways, it also gives him his elemental power, fire.

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