Sardius Serkad

Posted May 5, 2021, 2:23:37 AM

Name: Sardius Serkad

Age: 18

Hair color: blue-black

Eye color: purple

Species: half-elf half-Nightborn (his world's analogue for demons, bat/dragonish people who commonly serve the god of the moon and death)

Bio: Serkad was born of an unlikely love-affair: a high-ranking Nightborn and a priestess of the goddess of Growth. His mother’s congregation were wary when she had a half-Nightborn child, and did not react well to finding out the father was the Death-god’s personal messenger. This was the deciding factor in her leaving her congregation and moving to a mountainside home near her lover’s Colony. Serkad grew up, essentially, as a child of two worlds and member of none: some of the Nightborn younglings tried to make him welcome, but he was always aware of his status as an outsider. So when the Portals opened, he jumped at the chance to go adventuring in new worlds with none of his own world’s baggage.

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