Monster Challenge

Posted May 7, 2021, 9:15:58 PM UTC


Art challenge I wanted to try out
Yes I had to use a ladybug in this challenge the ladybug element gives me dark fairy vibes and I love it (The other animal was a wolf which explains the ears) 

Also I know the rules are cut off (they were just a note to help me remember so here's the rules if you wanna do it *btw this is not my challenge idk who started it so sorry about that) Again this is not my challenge I just saw a lot of people doing it on tik tok so I wanted to try it out 

Challenge rules: 
Skin color = Favorite color
Eye color = color of your birthstone 
Hair color =  color of your shirt
If you wear glasses / earrings add those
Use an element of your favorite animals in the monster 

the rest is up to you 


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