Phoenix PDARPG

Posted May 9, 2021, 4:04:33 AM UTC

Character name:- Phoenix

Character age- 25

Character species- Human

Height- 6'2" / 1.87m

Hair colour:- Black, waist length, straight.

Eye colour- brown

Sexuality- Bisexual


Phoenix was adopted at a young age by a wayfinder looking to pass his knowledge on to new blood. Phoenix was picked for the prestigious position due to his strong affinity with natural magic, but his mentor went missing on a journey past the veil and never returned. Distraught, Phoenix didn't know what to do. He was the last wayfinder, but couldn't complete his journey to gain his full title as the voice of the guardian, Phaurora. He now spends his days desperate to find his mentor, and complete his training.

Gift art- I'm totally fine with anyone drawing Phoenix. Please keep his hair long and straight unless thematic for the picture. He doesn't have a wardrobe theme yet- will update when I have one. I'm happy for him to be used in NSFW art with any humanoid

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