Millet Introduction

Posted May 22, 2021, 3:52:47 PM UTC
Character Name: Millet Dae
Character Age: 19
Character Species: Humanoid (Spotted Deer Satyr / Zebra Finch Avian Hybrid)
Hair color: Rusty brown fade to a dusty dark brown at the front
Eye color: Dark ashey brown
Background Overview:
Raised in a tundra, their small village was busy and cozy despite the weather. Jewel, their avian mother, was a busy meteorologist, passionate and loving to the enviroment and people around her. Moose, their satyr father, was a dreamer and a musician, specalizing in tea and music magic. Together they were the village sweethearts and provided Millet a loving comfortable enviroment. Time was spent making sure Millet was well adapted to the cold and when she displayed an intrigue in writing and research, it was enthusiastically encouraged. 
By 12, complications found their way into his life after her father fell ill, attracting Moose's family to invite themselves into their life. Issues immediatly started to arise as the family made it clear for their dislike of Jewel, forming rifts and tension, only to escalate after Moose finally passing. Lies quickly spread around to form unwarented, spiteful distrust towards Jewel and soon Millet's time with her own mother became less and less and they were brought forcefully under their extended families care. 

The family proved manipulative and shady. Efforts were made to stomp out Millet's relationship with both his mother and the avian culture they had adapted into their life with enthusiasm. They were to be raised as a satyr and they were to rarely speak of what her mother had taught them. The change didn't come naturally though and slip ups were subtly punished with verbal retaliation. Frankly, it was miserable. Little support was offered for the passing of their father, not while seperated from her mother and stuck with a further deteriorating family struggling with both grief and their own poisonous actions. 

Eventually Millet found their voice, their courage, and reaching 14, had wiggled their way back into their mother's familiar arms. A lesson about family and loss had been taught but not as kindly as it should, leaving Millet clinging to the only thing they felt they had left. Jewel reciprocated with shaky arms. The next few years were hard but doable. The duo would move where tall tree's stood, grounded at the base of a mountain and buzzing with avian kind. This allowed Millet to explore his passions with a new found confidence and took to exploring quickly, appreciating every small thing he could. Spoken stories were collected from friendly towns folk, all written down in messy pieces on tattered parchment. Rocks, feathers and tunes from the local band were brought back home with great delight. 

It had become increasingly obvious that Millet's heart resided in the experiences and knowledge that were found in ever crevice. Reaching 19, her handwriting had become more steady, every rock explored and every story documented. Suddenly there was a hunger as the winds whispered of new people and places if only he could find the courage to lay new hooves into unfamiliar soil. 

When did a bit of curiosity hurt anyone.

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  • May 22, 2021, 6:21:08 PM UTC
    They're super cute! I love the tufts under the eyes.
    • May 23, 2021, 7:26:17 PM UTC
      Thank you!! I was hoping to replicate the absolutely pleasant cheeks on Zebra finches!