The whole family

Posted May 25, 2021, 12:54:10 PM

Hands aren't in stock today, we only sell noodles.

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The whole family!
These aren't all from the same age, they just show the different stages of werewolves (the literal translation "manwolf", not the fullmoon guys) as they mature. Female werewolves develop longer hair earlier, while males tend to fully mature as they're mated. Before that, all of them look rather shaggy and lanky for a  l o n g time.

Élfren and Alphrodite married at age 19/20, the first child - Nikéan - arrvied at age 21/22, ten years later they have Roselynn and four years after that Karnak. There's no real reason for that long age gap, it just happened.
Roselynn is also the only one who rides Alea, who accepts the kids, but the other two aren't really interested in her.

Nikéan comes out as NB as a teen and I'm thinking of giving them Eggnogg and Cold Brew as his Stryx :thonk: They're the most connected to the deities unlike their siblings.

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