Elizabeth Drakon

Posted May 29, 2021, 7:26:58 PM UTC

Lazy portrait to start things off!

Character Name: Elizabeth Drakon

Character Age: 25

Character Species: Komodo Dragon anthro (Dragon heritage)

Hair color: N/a

Eye color: Yellow

Bio: It didn't take many years in life for Elizabeth to realize that she wasn't someone welcome in her family. Born with wings and draconic scales, it was clear the Komodo Dragon woman was born outside the family union. Thus, the moment she came of age, she left without much fanfare, tired of knowing her family looked upon her with a mixture of pity and scorn. She took her life into her own claws...literally. She is known as a huntress, willing to hunt anything and everything for a small price, beast, monster, machine, man, it doesn't take much to convince her it will be a good hunt. Is this a little violent of a life? Yes, but a dragon has to take what it wants with its own claws, yes? She wants meat and money, that's all there is to it.

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