Posted Jun 2, 2021, 4:04:48 AM UTC

Character Name: Helena
Pack Name: Maim
Character Age: 18
Character Species: Wolf
Hair color: White
Eye color: Light Brown

Being more of a brawn over brains kind of creature, Helena found it hard to see herself settling in her village. Always wanting for adventure, Helena decided she’d start her own journey when she became of age. With such an event also comes being assigned a Pack Name, which represents an important aspect of the individual.
Helena adopted the name Maim due to her tenacity in combat.
While she recognizes both names as her own, Helena is a name she’ll only accept being called by if you’ve become someone important to her and that has gained her trust.
Maim can be impatient, and doesn’t think things through often. Despite her pack name hinting an aggressive nature, she’s not someone to pick a fight out of nowhere, even if she does indeed enjoy a good brawl.

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