Peacock Hunt

Posted Jun 3, 2021, 1:40:07 AM UTC

{ 🦚 }


Good day!


I spent the entire day overwhelmed and had to force myself to do something so here's my first Quest entry ever!


Ft. my Stryx Calcifer, Myst, Parra, and Teapot! Accompanied by my Bata Bjorn Babycrime

They may be the worst lot to ask for help, but Idra deemed them useful I guess? She may get more than just the feathers though,,

And Teapot may be losing all the flowers they gathered.


{ 🦚 }


Draco Stryx are an ARPG closed species


Babycrime, Calcifer, Myst, Parra, Teapot, Art © SheepMomther

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