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Posted Jun 3, 2021, 7:40:16 PM UTC

I changed her name to Nyrinn, Nyra for short

Her outfit in the ref is what she wears in my story, so feel free to change or modify that to fit the rpg! (she prefers pants over dresses/skirts though, and a cloak probably if she's got a bounty on her head) Pearl is non binary going by she and they, i just forgot to update it in her ref. And her abilities can also be taken away to fit the lore no problem! i was just mentioning mostly her "normal self"? like in her original universe n stuff


She is able to shift to her feral form (a wolf) and a different mutated form that resembles a creepier looking werewolf (more painful since its not natural though) that's due to the fact she spent 2 months being a patient in a facility trying to create monsters out of people, she was able to escape with a few other children with the help of a man.

Pearl mostly acts according to her instincts/gut feeling and loves a good fight. She always does her best to keep her word and takes promises really seriously. She prefers to do things her own way and usually gets in trouble for that (ending up a wanted criminal in many places). After that insident however, she felt the need to keep her identity as secret as possible, even giving herself a fake name. You can usually find her lurking around the woods or in her little tree house. 

Her actions may be questionable but she's not that bad, and usually tries to stay out of the crossfire between "good" and "bad", only stepping in when she sees it convinient.

She claims her abilities are electro and cryokinetic to hide her true ability "snatch" which is the reason why she consumes all the hearts of her victims/oponents. She has a reckless combo with the cryo and electro, she'll form random ice peaks and cover as much ground around her in ice as she can, then hold the two closest peaks to her with each hand and constantly discharge electricity so it acts as a bit of a magnetic field and electrocutes anything that comes in between the ice. Kinda like that purple magnetic trap/field in ice age 4 (appearance wise)

How "snatch" works: she'll steal/take away amounts of a persons ablity/power witch each amount she is able to consume from them, if she wants it all she has to consume the heart.

Pearl only carries one weapon with her at all times, it is a hunting knife (or dagger in this case if the setting is at an older time) with a red gem at the base, the gem is a blood crystal and Pearl uses it to suck blood from oponents to herself, therefore her weapon can shift to any other at will but it takes a certain amount of blood considering mass and size, it will return to its orginal form after it runs out of blood. (it can also shift to other objects like a bracelet, necklace, sword, etc)

Pearl is mostly short tempered and impulsive, she doesn't trust easily but once you've earned it she'll be loyal to you until the end of times (the quickest way being through food, a drink or a fight against someone). She has trouble asking for help when needed as she wans to appear strong and independant, that she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She has a phobia of hospitals and a medium fear of deep waters/drowning (but she loves swimming and running)  

Pearl usually fights more like an animal than a person, constantly on all fours and using her claws and sharp teeth over a weapon which she usually brings up later on. She also enjoys dancing, singing (even though she's not very good at it) and playing the guitar, when she hears music she'll be the first one on her feet. In fact, when she's not fighting like an animal and using her weapon she'll fight more like she's dancing while playing something that fits in her head to move around better and to the beat. 

~~A little bit of a Biography~~

Pearl was taken in by a pack of wolf kemonomimis in the woods after attacking her father who was a different species and they believed him to be stealing a pup and passing by their territory, but she isn't aware of this since she was just a few months old, so she grew up thinking she was biologically part of that pack. Growing up she was physically weak and constantly sick, but this improved on her late teens. 

When she was 10 she and her litter brother Jupiter were playing rather far from camp and thats when they were caught for the facility. She was always drawn to fighting so she'd offer her services every now and then after gaining enough experience until she decided she wouldn't take part in any major conflicts. 


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